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4 Proven Ways of How to Start a Blog Post

How to Start a Blog Post

Let’s get you unstuck. Many writers have a message in their heart but it gets stuck in their head. Oftentimes, this happens when we are trying to figure out how to start a blog post.

Like pushing over a heavy rock that’s at the top of the hill, starting is often the hardest part (right behind learning how to start a blog).

Once we get started, momentum takes over and things begin to flow.

To help you jump start your writing more often, we are going to share with you 4 proven writing prompts to use at the beginning of a blog post or chapter in your book.

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But first…

I want to teach you the two most important words to becoming a great writer.

These two words alone will increase the amount of engagement, shares, and length of stay on your site.

Once you understand the power of these two words, you can use them over and over again with every blog post without your audience ever noticing.

As you probably already know, the beginning is so important and these two words will make your writing more interesting.

(Hint: I’m using the technique right now 🙂

Here’s are the two words:

Create Tension

Tension creates attention. If you want to pull more readers into your content, you need to develop the skill of creating tension. We are not talking about manufactured tension, but real tension.

“Tension creates attention.”

So, how do we do that? Let’s look at four different writing methods where we can use tension to make our writing more interesting.

Method #1: Personal Story

By sharing an interesting story from your personal life, you can pull the reader into your writing. Stories are also easy for us to write because it’s just sharing something that happened to us.

Here’s an example:

how to begin a blog post

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Method #2: Intriguing Question

A simple, well-asked question can leave a reader wanting more. It doesn’t have to be super profound. Oftentimes, the simplest question will do. You’ve hit the right question if your reader is saying in their head, “Yes, I’ve wondered the same thing!


Ways to start a blog post

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Method #3: Startling Statement

Making a bold statement at the beginning of a blog post can get the conversation going. You can tease the reader for what is about to come later in your chapter or post. Step out and make a bold statement, then start to share your thoughts on that statement.


Examples of how to start a blog post

Method #4: Amazing Statistic

If you are struggling with how to start your chapter or blog post, then find a statistic online and share it first to get the conversation going. Maybe you’ve done a survey through email or poll through a recent webinar. Share it.

Maybe you’ve collected some stats other organizations have gathered, then start with that. Let the statistic, survey or poll, be the opening that will build toward your reasons later in the post.


ideas for starting a blog post

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As you can see, writing a great introduction for a blog post isn’t hard once you understand the power of creating tension.

I invite you to give this strategy a try. Remember, don’t create false tension or tension just for tension's sake. Make sure you transition into adding value by providing answers, advice, and insights.

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