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Why Do People Blog? 8 Powerful Reasons Why

why do people blog

Why do people blog, anyway?

With so much content being created every day, and so many blogs already online, is there anything left to write about? Is blogging worth it?

According to various sources, over 500 million websites are considered “blogs.” And between 5-6 million new blog posts are published every day.

Hasn’t it all been said before?

Is every niche already taken?

Not even close!

Each blogger brings their own perspective, experiences, and style to the blog posts they write.

More importantly, each blog reader is looking for content that resonates with them personally.

In other words, there is plenty of room for those who still want to start a blog!

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Benefits of Blogging: 8 Reasons Why People Blog

why do people start blogs
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Why blog?

First, let's answer the question: what is a blog? A blog is an ever-growing website of helpful articles on a topic. So, then, why do people start blogs?

People start blogging for a lot of reasons. It's hard to just narrow it down to just eight reasons. But here are some of the most powerful reasons why people blog.

1. Blogging About Their Passion

There are many reasons to start a blog, but sharing your passion is a good one. Many people feel strongly about an issue or topic, and they are motivated to write about it to bring attention to a need.

This might be a social issue or cause, a problem that needs to be fixed, a belief or value that they hold strongly, or just a desire to help people.

People who blog their passion are more likely to stick with it for the long term, too.

Starting a blog and getting the first posts up can feel pretty lonely, until you start to attract an audience. Feeling strongly about your blog topic can sustain you through that phase.

2. Blogging to Share Expertise

sharing your expertise with blogging
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Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your know-how with others. Posts may often be in the form of a tutorial or “how-to” for these bloggers.

There is no shortage of topics to write about here from travel tips to DIY projects to medieval history to

And just because one blogger is writing about a specific topic doesn’t mean no one else can. Think of all the food bloggers writing about the same type of recipes or fitness bloggers sharing how to do a certain kind of workout.

Again, each expert approaches their subject with a unique perspective and style, and each reader needs to hear from someone who resonates with them.

3. Blogging to Share Experiences

On a boat on Lago di Braies
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Some people use their blog as a way to document their own progress while learning something new.

Whether it’s trying new business ideas, learning a martial art, or building a house from scratch, these writers share the ups and downs and lessons learned with their readers.

Other writers might treat their blog almost like a diary, if they are living a unique lifestyle or are on some form of a journey (whether physical or emotional.)

As they write, these writers bring their readers along with them.

4. Blogging to Express Oneself

blogging to express yourself
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One of the primary motivations behind starting blogs is its capacity for self-expression.

The blogging world is filled with individuals who use this platform as their online portfolio, showcasing their creative prowess and building their online brand.

Blogging allows people to express themselves freely while honing writing skills before an actual audience; that is why people create blogs: to communicate, resonate and get their voice out there.

Blogging can be more than selling products and services; oftentimes it's about crafting blog content that brings joy, sparks thought-provoking dialogue or simply makes for an enjoyable reading experience.

Many people start blogs simply for the enjoyment of writing and sharing their perspective.

Many use their blog as an avenue for pure entertainment purposes by writing humorous or thoughtful essays that reflect life's nuances, appealing to readers who appreciate wit with wisdom in equal measures.

Personal blogs give bloggers an outlet for exploring various writing styles, sharing their own unique thought process with readers. Why do people create blogs?

Simply to indulge their love of writing or meet like-minded individuals; blogging can also widen social circles while opening dialogue between readers.

You might be amazed at how starting a personal blog can expand social networks while opening dialogue between different people who share similar interests.

One reason people write blogs is to expand their online presence.

A blog serves as your virtual canvas where you can express your ideas, experiences and insights - not only entertaining or informing others; but also creating your own identity in the online realm.

Blogging provides a great platform to meet new people from diverse perspectives as well as network with successful bloggers or potential clients.

Blogs offer numerous advantages to their users. From developing writing skills to forging meaningful connections and creating an online brand identity, the reasons people turn to blogs are varied.

Blogging initially started out as a hobby for some, but has since evolved into an invaluable platform that fosters personal development, professional networking opportunities and creative exploration.

When contemplating why to start blogging or already maintaining one, remember to write about topics you truly love; being authentic resonates most with readers!

5. Blogging to Process Your Own Thoughts

“You’re not creating if your not first enveloped with passion for your work”
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Why do people have blogs? To share their thoughts of course!

According to author and business coach Michael Hyatt, “thoughts disentangle themselves passing over the lips and through pencil tips.”

For many of us, our thoughts are a jumbled mess until we “get them down on paper.” Or in our case, as bloggers, type them out.

Sure, we can do this in a document on our laptops, but sometimes our thinking and ideas aren’t really solid until we’ve shared them for an audience.

Our readers can give us feedback, alternatives, and even push back to really strengthen our own ideas.

6. Blogging to Write a Book

blogging to write a book
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Why do people create blogs? A compelling motivation could be their desire to publish a book.

Blogging provides an effective means of consistently creating blog content which can then be assembled together into an overall manuscript.

Some of the top blogging platforms provide platforms specifically catering to those interested in telling a narrative-rich tale through stories.

Blogging provides an outlet to promote ideas, show skills, and find one's voice.

Authors who post excerpts of potential book manuscripts get instantaneous feedback that allows them to refine their writing style quickly.

Blogging serves as an effective platform to launch new ventures; anyone with something worthwhile sharing can join this blogging journey!

You can use a blog to share your book ideas. If you love to write, then blog your book!

For more insights on how to blog a book, check out our guide on blog vs book.

7. Blogging to Find a Niche Audience

One of the many benefits of blogging about a topic on a regular basis is that it will attract others who are interested in the same thing. Over time, you can start to be seen as a “thought leader” in your field.

As you attract other people to your work and writing, you begin to build a community made up of your ideal reader. Some of these will become loyal fans, too.

When done correctly, the more you write and publish, you will increase blog traffic to your website via search engines.

Along with readers, the thoughts and ideas you share in your posts will put you in the same circles with others doing similar work.

Rather than see these other bloggers as competition, you can begin to form friendships with them. Opportunities will open up to share each other’s work, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other.

Plus, as you connect with others, your posts will be shared on social media and other bloggers will link to your work.

This is great for search engines, too, and you’ll begin to have “your people” find you because they are searching for the things you write about.

8. People Write Blogs to Make Money

One popular myth is that you can’t make money blogging.

Blogging is certainly not a get-rich-quick method, but there are many bloggers who are making a nice side income or even a full-time living at it.

Earning an income from a blog is a huge topic, but here’s a snapshot of some of the more common ways bloggers can make money online through their blogs.

  • Advertising — As a blogger, you could sell ad space directly to companies to advertise related products on your site. You can also use ad networks, like Google Adwords and others, who will pay you for every click or view of the ads they show to your readers.
  • Affiliate programs — If you promote a product or service on your blog, you can sometimes earn an affiliate commission if someone clicks on the link and buys through your site. Think of it as a “finder’s fee.”
  • Content marketing — If you have a physical or digital product for sale, or if you offer coaching or consulting, your valuable blog posts can often be a natural starting point to introduce those opportunities to your audience. Bloggers like this approach compared to more “sales-y” techniques.
  • Teaching courses — Blog posts can often be just the beginning of a topic. Creating and offering courses that do deeper with your blog content can create another stream of income.

FAQs on Why Do People Blog?

What is the purpose of having a blog?

There are many purposes for having a blog. A few of the most notable are: personal branding, business building, creating awareness for a business, and to highlight your expertise in a subject.

What do people usually blog about?

Most bloggers choose a niche that helps to narrow the focus of the blog content and audience.

Once you have a niche, you can write a blog teaching people based on the topic of the blog. Many people have turned their musings into a profitable niche.

A blog gives you an opportunity to build your brand online.

Why do people make blogs?

Making a blog is a great way to bring people together around an important topic. Blogging is a great way to build a profitable niche by bringing together like-minded people.

If you like to write, you can create a blog to showcase your skills. As you can see, there are many reasons why people start a blog.

Why do people use blogs?

Blogging is one way to share your message with the world. As articles rank on Google and other search engines, you can attract an audience to build a personal brand.

Since you most likely won't have many readers in the beginning, blogging exists as a tool to improve your writing skills over time (while you build your audience).

This allows you to practice in public. Expressing your creative side is a great reason for starting a blog. People don't care as much about your credentials if you are providing value in your content.

Why start a blog?

Starting your own blog is a great way to set up a side hustle to build your online brand.

New bloggers can build their blogs in their spare time even while they have a full-time job. Blogs are a great way to promote something you care about and it may start to earn money when done correctly.

There are many ways to make money with a blog such as: affiliate income, advertising, e-commerce, selling online courses and more!

To get started, I would recommend choosing what I believe to be one of the best blogging platforms on the market: Ghost.org. It can serve as a platform for any topic you are writing about and Ghost makes maintaining a blog easy.

Why do people write blogs?

People love to write blogs for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons include:

  • To share their passion
  • To share their expertise
  • To share their experiences
  • To express oneself
  • To process your own thoughts
  • To write a book
  • To find an audience
  • To make money online

Conclusion: Why Do People Start Blogs?

Why do people blog? As we've covered in this article, people blog for a lot of different reasons. It’s important to note that your purpose for putting the effort into a blog may change over time.

Also, many bloggers would list a variety of reasons behind their blogging.

Bottom line: there is room for you! Find a blogging platform and start blogging today!

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