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10 Best iPad Apps for Bloggers

I recently took the dive and purchased an iPad. Although i have had an iphone for quite some time, I wanted to get an iPad for the summer especially because our family will be doing a lot of summer traveling. In fact, this entire blog post was written on the iPad 2.

Naturally being a blogger, my attention went to discovering which ipad apps were out there that would be ideal for blogging. While new apps are added to the apps store daily, here are 10 of my favorite apps for bloggers.

1. WordPress App – this is a free app and it has features that I like and dont like. What I really like is that I can manage several of my blogs inside this one app. This is nice for seeing what comments I need to approve and it even allows me to save draft posts that I am working on. I can even work in offline mode when I do not have an active connection.

2. Evernote App – I am a big fan of evernote and always have been ever sense it first came out. It has allowed me to go paperless in my business. I have several whiteboards in my home office that I like to use for brainstorming. When I am done I just snap a picture and upload to evernote. Also, as I am reading online I save things I like into evernote.

3. Simple Sense – this is a great app for those who use Google Adsense as an income source. You can easily see your up to date earnings by day, week, month and last payment.

4. Splashtop – is a cool app that allows you to connect to any of your computers remotely from your ipad. If there is something that you need or want to use from your desktop computer you can.

5. Flipboard – this is an awesome free app that you can customize. It pulls in summaries of tweets, blog posts, articles, videos and more. You can quickly get up to date on all that is happening in your niche in order to remain an authority in your subject.

6. Check CB – is a free app that you can use to check your affiliate earnings through ClickBank. This is handy as you can quickly check multiple accounts.

7. AnalyticsHD – a great way to view all of your traffic statistics from google analytics. There are several cool ways that you can drill down into your statistics.

8. Dragon Dictation – If you are short on time or tired of typing the app turns your speech into text. It can be a great way to write short blog posts quickly.

9. Simplemind+ – I love to mind map as it helps me to organize my brainstorming. When I am not near my whiteboard I will use this app to mindmap on my iPad some ideas that I have.

10. Google Calendar + Apple Calendar – while not technically an app, I really like the way the Apple calendar looks and feels on the iPad. When you combine it with Google docs magical things can happen. At the beginning of every month I plan out an editorial calendar of what I am going to write and when. I set up a separate calendar for each blog. They are naturally color coded and I can drag and drop the draft blog post titles around when needed. You can also toggle on and off which calendars you want to see at any moment. I just like getting a big picture view of my month in the life of my blogs.

UPDATE: I just recently went on a week long trip with just my iPad. I was able to write 8+ blog posts effortlessly with the Blogsy app. Adding pictures, alt tag, setting categories, and even scheduling out publication dates was a breeze. For me Blogsy is one of the best blogging apps for iPad 2.

Question: Which iPad apps do you like to use when blogging on your iPad?