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20 Different Blog Post Ideas

Ever sit down to write for your blog and you become hypnotized by the blinking cursor? Do you need some blog post ideas? Sometimes we just need some fresh ideas to get us started. The truth is if you wait around to be inspired before you write, you won’t blog very often. For me, the … 20 Different

Ever sit down to write for your blog and you become hypnotized by the blinking cursor? Do you need some blog post ideas? Sometimes we just need some fresh ideas to get us started.

The truth is if you wait around to be inspired before you write, you won’t blog very often.

For me, the inspiration comes after I begin writing. Ideas begin to develop, thoughts take shape and points become more clear once I have engaged in the activity of writing. Still, writing prompts and ideas are good for a blogger to have in the toolbox.

Last month we walked a whole group of blogging students through an entire blogging webinar just on creating content. Today, I am going to share one of the resources with you that we talked about in the class.

20 Different Blog Post Ideas

Here is a short rundown of over 20 blog post ideas. Whenever you have a topic in mind but are not sure how to approach the topic, look through this list of ideas to get you going.

  • Epic Blog Post – I always encourage bloggers, especially when first starting out, to really let the value flow. Especially if you are coming from a place of passion about your subject, then you need to create what we call “epic content.” This type of post has also been called “pillar” articles because it is the big, important articles that describe the focus of your whole site. Epic blog post adds tremendous value, usually are twice as long as the average blog post, and can’t help but be shared with others.
  • Video Post – This can be as simple as taking screenshots of you doing something on the computer. The idea is that you are showing how to do something. Videos can be an awesome teaching tool. I love to use an online whiteboard and draw or type out my points in a video.
  • How to Post – This is a simple blog post but very powerful. People search online all the time about how to do things. Show them how to do something step by step.
  • Definition Post – This is a blog post defining all the terms of your niche. For example, if you are a financial blogger, then create a blog post that goes through and explains all of the various financial and investment terms that are out there. It can be a great resource for your followers.
  • Tips/List Post – I love writing list posts. People like to peruse through a blog post. Anytime you can consolidate information for people into one location it can be a really good thing. Tips are helpful as well. You can list 3, 4, or 5 insider or expert tips about a subject.
  • Survey Post – You can use this blog post idea to either discuss a survey in your niche, give the results of a survey you have done with your followers or encourage readers to participate in a survey.
  • Interviews – Interview other people in your niche whenever you get the chance. If the person you are interviewing is a fellow blogger, they will more then likely introduce the blog post to their readers, which will drive some traffic to your blog.
  • Answer Reader Questions – Become a solution provider in your niche. It is the fastest way to create value and build trust & authority in your niche. Out of all of the blog post ideas, this is probably our favorite. We have a contact page on our blog and it is where we get most of our blog post ideas. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.
  • Contests – Hold a contest and offer a small prize. This really helps to improve engagement with your readers. You always want to be figuring out more ways to interact with your audience.
  • Launch Product Series – I love using this idea. If you have created a product that you want to market on your blog, consider writing a short series of posts leading up to the launch day. It can create excitement and build momentum for the launch day. This works much more effective than just adding a new advertising button on your blog.
  • Recommendations – Share your favorite or preferred things without writing a full review. You can list out a number of products and briefly describe your experience with each. I did this a while back when I wrote a post on the Best Keyword Research Tool.
  • Polls – Ask your readers to vote in a poll you create. This is another reader engagement type of a post. When recently did this when we were narrowing down our new logo for blogging your passion.
  • Guests Posts – Once you have created enough content at the beginning of the life of your blog and established a following, begin to allow other bloggers to write guest posts for your blog.
  • Podcasts – Create audio content for people that can add value to their lives. Podcasting can be another great way to get your message out and allow others to better connect with you. There are many tools available today to get your podcast up and running quickly. We reach many new people every week with our Blogging Your Passion Podcast.
  • Review Article – Take a specific product or service and give an honest, open evaluation. Many use affiliate products for these posts. Just be sure that what you promote is actually something that you would pay for and use yourself. Promoting bad products can damage your credibility quickly.
  • Theory or Argument Article – Right a persuasive article about a cause or an event. These are usually very opinionated blog post. They are usually the type that gets shared a lot and get many blog comments from opposing views.
  • Current Events – Give your opinion or insight into a current event is another great way to communicate to your audience. Also, these topics can be fairly easy to get to rank in the search engines due to the fact that they are new and do not have many competing pages.
  • Marketing Posts – This is a blog post that you can use to promote any ebooks, memberships, courses, or products that you have developed. Instead of creating a sales page, you just blog about the new product you created and then link back to that page whenever you mentioned the product in future posts.
  • Personal Story – This type of the post can be extremely profitable for you. Not in a money sense, but in a reader engagement sense. For me, it always gets the most comments. It allows readers to identify with you and see your transparency. They connect with you on a whole new level if you can connect them to a personal story in your life.
  • Round-up Post – This type of post not only can add value to your readers about a subject but it can connect you with other bloggers in your niche. Basically, you write a post about a subject (like time management) and then include summaries and links to blog posts written by other bloggers about the subject.

Question: Do you have any blog post ideas that you like to use?