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The 3 Types of Bloggers (And Why Only One Way Truly Works)

Types of Bloggers

Over the years I have found that there are three types of bloggers – which of the three are you?

Which type you are matters.

It matters because it will determine:

  • Your success or failure
  • Your ability to act or procrastinate
  • whether you find excuses or opportunities

The 3 Types of Bloggers (And Why Only One Really Works)

Every blogger falls into one of three categories. I call them the cautious, the curious, the committed.

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The Curious – Fall in love with the idea of blogging full-time

The curious blogger attends webinars, listens to podcasts, and even watches videos about blogging. They are highly invested in learning and diving deep into their desire to blog full-time.

The danger of being a curious blogger comes when learning feels like progress.

Don’t get me wrong. Learning plays a crucial component in your journey, but it’s only part of the equation. Many bloggers fall in love with the idea of blogging, but not the work it takes to be successful.

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I was there once too. My learning was way out of balance.

I mistakenly thought:

  • If I learned everything first, I’d make fewer mistakes
  • If I just learned a little bit more, I’d get more clarity
  • If I took more time to get it right, I’d succeed faster

Yet progress and momentum often eluded me.

It wasn’t until one night I told my friend, “I’m just ready to go fail at something” that things began to change for me.

The fear of not trying was greater than the fear of failing.

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Not long after that, I wrote on a sticky note the words “speed of implementation.”

I determined that no longer was my learning going to be out of balance. If I was going to spend the time learning something, I had to be willing to act on it.

Are you just a curious blogger?

The Cautious – Fall in love with quick results

The cautious blogger is not cautious about getting started. They have a blog launched, blog posts published and maybe an email list started.

The biggest problem a cautious blogger faces is they’re just not “all in.”

They mistakenly place too much emphasize on:

  • Getting quick results in order to keep going
  • Spending too much time on what everyone else is doing
  • Justifying and analyzing every action they take

To use a farmer analogy, the cautious bloggers take action by planting in the Spring, but they quickly grow frustrated when the harvest doesn’t happen in the Summer.

So with every action they take, they pull back, pull out, and re-adjust too early. They simply don’t give anything time to mature and bloom.

Are you a cautious blogger?

The Committed – Fall in love with long-term impact

The committed blogger is not committed because they are successful. They become successful because they are committed. There’s a big difference.

The committed blogger falls in love with the work and the future potential impact they hope to one day make. If their latest blog post changes just one life it was worth the effort.

Now, they are not oblivious to the need for results. They just simply choose not to place too much weight on instant results.

I remember the day I decided to become a committed blogger. I told myself, “I don’t care if it takes me 5 years to become a full-time blogger if it means I can enjoy it for the next 20-25 years. All the work will be worth it.”

Are you a committed blogger?

Self Assessment Time

The type of blogger you are is always up to you.

Are you a curious, cautious or committed blogger? The choice is yours.

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