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4 Ways to Boost Your Guest Posting on Blogs Without Writing New Content

Guest Posting on Blogs

As a blogger, you work hard to consistently publish high-value content on your blog. But don’t you sometimes wonder if it’s really worth all of that effort?

When you already have a large readership, it’s easier to put the time into writing those epic blog posts. But what if you have little to no existing traffic?

If you have a smaller, slowly-growing audience, it’s easy to wonder if anyone is benefitting from your amazing posts. It’s true that over time your blog will begin to see some traffic as posts rank in the search engines, but what about now?

Enter guest posting on blogs.

Sure, you are thinking, we are often told that in addition to writing for our own blog that we also need to be guest posting on blogs. But since many blog owners want original content, we now are tasked with having to write even more fresh content.

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The good news is there is a simpler solution.

A more efficient and strategic way to do more guest posting on blogs is to re-purpose your existing blog posts so more people read it and benefit from it.

This method is known as re-publishing.

4 Ways to Boost Your Guest Posting on Blogs Without Writing New Content

When I first started as a blogger, everyone was concerned about the “duplicate content penalty” handed down from almighty Google. The assumption was that if you published content (word-for-word) on your own site that was already published on another site, Google would slap a penalty on you (making it harder for all your content to rank).

While this “theory” is still debated today, many sites no longer worry about it.

This presents an amazing opportunity for you.

What this means is you can re-publish your existing blog posts (word-for-word) on other high-traffic sites.

Here are four popular sites that accept re-publishing.

1. Medium

Medium.com is a collaborative blog that anyone can contribute to. All you need to do is sign up for a free contributor account to get started. This site is known for having a massive readership. While certain topics are more popular than others, it is certainly worth testing out for yourself.

Below is a snapshot of a blog post I re-published on Medium.

2. LinkedIn Articles

A few years ago, LinkedIn opened up LinkedIn Articles, which allows any member to write and publish on the platform. It has a great built-in text editor and allows you to insert links, bold text, italics, and more.

What’s great about this strategy is that it makes it easy to share on LinkedIn with your connections. People on LinkedIn are more apt to read your article if it was published there, compared to sending them to your site.

Below is an example of a blog post I re-published on LinkedIn:

3. Quora

Quora.com was created to gather subject matter experts in one place to answer common questions. It’s free to register and answer questions. You simply search for questions in your niche and answer them.

At first glance, this may not seem like a guest posting site. But upon closer review, you’ll find that many experts use the answer space as a guest posting opportunity. Below you’ll find an example from Neil Patel. His answer is a blog post along with images and links back to his site. Under the “more” category you’ll find categories such as books, business, health, lifestyle, music and more.

This is a super smart strategy to deploy in your promotional efforts. As future readers come across your thoughtful answer, you have the potential to drive them back to your blog.

4. BuzzFeed

Upon visiting BuzzFeed.com for the first time, you’ll mistake it for a news site. Yes, it does publish articles on current events, but it also covers a wide variety of topics. Under the “more” category you’ll find categories such as books, business, health, lifestyle, music and more.

BuzzFeed also allows guest contributors to register to post content and links on the site. Once registered, you can begin to re-publish your existing content on their site with links back to your blog.

The good news is these four sites are not the only sites where you can re-publish your blog posts. Many major media sites also allow for re-publishing from guest contributors. The difference is you’ll need to go through an editorial review process to be accepted.

All four of the sites above have no limitations. You can begin contributing as many articles as you want as often as you want.

There you have it! This is the fastest strategy I know of if you want to do more guest posting on blogs. Which one will you try first?

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