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Blog vs Website: What is a Blog and How is it Different?

blog vs website

Let’s settle the blog vs. website debate once and for all. 🙂 Maybe you are wondering, “What is a blog and how does it even work?”

In this article, we will cover the main differences between the two so you can decide what will work best for you.

Blog vs Website: What’s the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

To understand the basic difference between a blog and a website, I want you to think about it in terms of static and dynamic.

  • Static refers to something that is fixed (never to be changed or expanded upon)
  • Dynamic refers to something that is ever-growing and expanding.

Let’s compare a blog vs a website using these two definitions.

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Type 1. The Static Brochure Website

Most businesses, influencers, authors, and entrepreneurs begin their online presence with a static brochure website. Static means fixed pages that once published may never be changed again. They contain basic information, credentials, and contact information.

A static brochure website will have fewer than twenty pages total (and often less than five.) The goal of a website like this is to take what you would put in a physical, offline brochure and place it online.

Some of the common webpages would include:

  • A home page containing basic information
  • A “contact us” page with a form, mailing address, and phone number
  • A “work with me” page that displays paid offerings
  • A “view my portfolio” page that shows your work or offers testimonials

AaronPorter.co is a good example of a static brochure website.

example of a website

Another reason we know this is a fixed website is that we can do a quick search in Google and see that there are fewer than twenty pages total of this site in the Google search index. With only twenty pages, it can be difficult to drive a ton of organic traffic to this website with Google.

a simple google index search

Are you beginning to see some of the limitations of having just a website?

Type 2. The Dynamic Lead-Capturing Blog

If you are still wondering what the difference is between a blog and a website, then it might help to go back in time just a little.

A Brief History of Blogs

In the 90s, when the internet was coming of age, people began creating online journals and diaries. Before Facebook was a thing, people with knowledge on how to publish web pages were using their website to offer their thoughts, share insights into their personal lives, and build community.

As this idea caught on, the term “web log” began to surface as a way to describe this practice. Eventually, it carried other names like “weblog” as one word or even “we blog.” To simplify it even further, people began to just call it a blog.

In May 2003, WordPress released it’s first free blog publishing platform. Today, millions of blogs run on WordPress.

Why Do People Blog?

Having a blog vs. a website can allow you to build lots of organic traffic over time. When done correctly, each post can solve a problem for your audience. Most people go to Google because they want an answer to a question. A blog shares valuable information, insight, and advice way beyond what just a website would offer.

A blog demonstrates your expertise. A website only displays your expertise.

A few other advantages of a blog include:

  • A blog is a better marketing tool: HubSpot did a study and found that blogs receive 55% more visitors and have 97% more inbound links
  • Search engine like blogs more: Google’s sole aim is to find the information its users are searching for. The more helpful content you have, the more Google wants to show it.
  • People like blogs more: People don’t subscribe to websites, but they will subscribe to blogs. A blog not only has more personality behind it but by default, it has an evergrowing database of information for the user.

Let’s do the same search we did earlier, but use one of my blogs, JonathanMilligan.com.

another examples of a Google index search

You can see we have 537 pages indexed in Google search. This is way more than the nineteen pages we found earlier. These additional pages bring much more organic traffic to me then if I just had a standard website.

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Should I Start a Blog?

You might be thinking, “Great, on top of everything else I’m doing, I have to become a writer, too?” But before you start a blog, I want you to consider 27 amazing benefits of blogging.

27 Amazing Benefits of Blogging

27 Amazing Benefits of Blogging - BloggingYourPassion.com

Need more convincing reasons to start a blog? Check out these 27 amazing benefits of blogging.

1. Offers you the ability to pursue your passion. I can think of no other vehicle other than blogging that allows anyone and anywhere to influence anyone and anywhere. The topics are endless, and the world is just outside the publish button.

2. Builds a platform for you. Whether you are a speaker, author, leader of an organization, or stay-at-home mom, blogging gives you the opportunity to build a platform that surrounds your expertise and passion.

3. A low-cost way to build a business. A $10 domain name and a $3 a month hosting package puts you in business. Blogging is the ultimate low-cost startup.

4. Refines your writing skills. Blogging allows you to learn on the go. With each published blog post, you get that much better. The more that you write, the better you become over time.

5. Offers you the potential to connect with other influencers. Another benefit of blogging is the amazing relationships that you can develop. You get to connect with other influencers in the blogosphere. There is nothing more rewarding than connecting with other bloggers who share your passion.

6. Increases your knowledge base. I have often said that the best bloggers are learners at heart. They love to learn and then share what they have learned with the world.

7. Engages people in a conversation. I love the comment section of a blog. A blog post is just a conversation starter. Over the years, I have been both encouraged and challenged by the comments on my blog. Like iron sharpens iron, comments from others sharpen my thinking.

8. Stretches you beyond your comfort zone. You have to be willing to put yourself out there a bit. Blogging opens you up and exposes your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Not everyone is going to agree with you, but that is okay, too.

9. Solves problems for people. There is nothing like receiving a comment of how something you wrote solved a problem for someone. The only thing to top that is to receive a comment about how something you wrote two years ago helped somebody today. You talk about maximizing your influence!

10. Makes a great place to test ideas. I have had good ideas and bad ideas over the years. When you blog, you offer the opportunity to see if others feel the same way you do. Maybe your crazy idea is not so crazy after all!

11. Provides social proof for any adventure. Many publishers today are looking at your blog to see how many real followers you have (Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists, etc.) Building social proof on your site opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Not to mention that your blog provides a central hub for all your social media efforts.

12. Reaches far and wide. I totally missed the reaching potential for a blog when I started. The weekend I launched my first product, I had two people from Australia buy it. That weekend changed my thinking from that day forward. Today, it is not unusual for me to have a coaching call with someone on the east coast and the west coast on the same day.

13. Lasts over the long run. It is hard for me to imagine a world where blogging does not have some type of impact. It may change a bit over the years, but the principles will never change. There will always be people seeking information.

14. Makes you a better thought leader. One of the absolute joys of writing for me is to see how my thoughts develop. Blogging can stretch your thinking in a way that no other medium can.

15. Makes you a better communicator. Each article I write has a purpose to it. There is a “big idea” and a logical outline to follow. Every point supports that big idea in a way. Each article is like crafting a sermon or developing a keynote speech. Once you are offered a speaking opportunity, you’ll have plenty of pre-crafted speech outlines ready to go!

16. Increases your ability to lead. If you are a leader of an organization, you need a blog. Period. Blogging offers you the ability to influence, increase your leadership, and propel your vision. Blogging allows you to become up close and personal with everyone in your organization. They know what is on your mind and in your heart.

17. Makes you a better listener. Readers of my blog have influenced my thinking over the years. I love to hear others’ perspectives.

18. Positions you as an expert. I still remember the day that a reporter from Monster.com called me requesting an interview. After only one year of blogging about career-related topics, it was a real highlight for me. Put your knowledge and experience out there and over time you will establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

19. Gives you a voice. We all want our lives to matter. Blogging gives you a voice in this world. What you say can make an impact on someone else.

20. Assists you in building a tribe of followers. Whether it is building a mailing list or creating products that others love, blogging gives you the ability to create a band of followers–people who join you in your journey and enjoy the same passions.

21. Makes a great personal branding tool. Blogging can increase your personal brand like nothing else. It displays your knowledge and shows the world what you are all about.

22. Can assist you in publishing a book. If you desire to be an author, blogging can be a great avenue toward reaching your dream. Many successful authors started with blogging. Through a blog, you can create the content for your book and build a following who will purchase your book.

23. Can assist you in getting new job offers. I have heard many stories about bloggers who were offered their dream job because of their blog. A blog becomes your resume.

24. Allows you to promote other bloggers and their message. Another amazing benefit to blogging is having the ability to promote worthy causes, highlight amazing authors, and build rising bloggers.

25. Offers you the opportunity to be creative. There is nothing more creative than creating your own products. To see something go from just an idea to a finished product that helps others is incredibly humbling. Where else are you able to test your creativity and earn income?

26. Allows your thoughts and ideas to influence others 24/7. One of the things that I love most about blogging is that my doors are always open. I can influence someone with the words I write at 3am when I am asleep. I can spend the day with my family at the beach and my influence, ideas, and thoughts are still influencing others.

27. Can earn you an income. I left this last because the longer I do this, the more I see it as the by-product of everything else above. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can earn a living through blogging. But if you chase the income first, you will be left wanting. Instead, focus on providing tremendous value, building traffic, and making a difference. Then, making money with a blog becomes easier.

As you can see a blog can be a more powerful marketing tool than just having a website. Use the power of blogging to build your business today!

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