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Welcome! I’m Jonathan Milligan, the founder of BloggingYourPassion.com, MarketYourMessage.com and author of Your Message Matters. My goal here is to help you discover your message and turn it into a profitable online business.

Have you ever said: 🤔

  • I feel stuck in my job and want to start an online business, but I don't know where to start.”
  • I struggle with gaining clarity on my message and how to share it with the world.”
  • I feel overwhelmed with the technology and marketing aspects of building an online business.”
  • I am frustrated with the lack of progress in my online business and need guidance on how to move forward.”
  • I am struggling to monetize my message and make a real income from my online business.”

If you have ever had these thoughts, then you are in the right place!  👏

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Here’s How Blogging Your Passion Helps You

I’m here to help you gain clarity on your message and niche down to a profitable online business. Through my coaching, courses, and resources, I can help you discover your message and build a strong online presence.

I’m here to help you overcome the technology and marketing obstacles that are holding you back. I can guide you on how to create and launch your website, create a strong brand, and market your message to your audience.

I’m here to help you monetize your message and turn it into a profitable business. I can teach you how to create and sell digital products, build a membership site, and create profitable sales funnels.

  • Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc, and Yahoo Finance
  • Quoted in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and HuffPost

About Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan is a former executive recruiter turned online entrepreneur. He is the founder of Market Your Message, a coaching and training company that helps online entrepreneurs turn their message into a profitable business. He is also the author of Your Message Matters and host of the Market Your Message Show.

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