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6 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

What is it that separates the successful bloggers from the rest? Are the smarter? Did they just get lucky? Is there an underground society of secret ninja traffic techniques that they are a part of? Did they just happen to hit the market at the right time?

The more you interact with successful bloggers you will begin to realize that they are really not all that different from you. If you have a passion that you want to get out to the world, here are some qualities for you to consider.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list at all, but I believe all of these to be true about successful bloggers.

6 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

1. They are learners at heart – Successful bloggers love to learn. Many of them are constantly reading other blogs, articles, and books in order to stay a market leader in their niche. They understand fundamentally that will never fully arrive. The internet is constantly changing and the only thing you can count on is change. This is why we started Blogging Your Passion University.

2. They have an abundance mentality – This point might be under your radar. We often think, especially in the beginning, that we need keep as much of the traffic to ourselves as possible. Gaining followers is hard enough as it is, right?

Why should we talk about or even recommend other bloggers? The funny thing is if you talk with successful bloggers they will tell you the opposite. There is plenty of traffic for everyone and if you build a “giving spirit” with other bloggers, they will refer lots of traffic back to you.

3. They are always looking to add value. They want to share what they have learned and experienced so that it can influence and help others. That is their motivation. They want to create blog posts, videos, podcasts, and products that make a difference in people’s lives.

4. They value relationship with others. Whether it is with blog comments or other bloggers in their niche, successful bloggers understand that relationships are important. They value them and see them as sojourners and not as enemies.

5. They are action takers and hard workers – It might appear as luck or just being in the right place at the right time, but it is just not true. Each blog post takes time, effort, thought, and research before it is ever published. Successful bloggers have worked extremely hard to get to where they are.

Bob often talks to me about the early days of his Christian Personal Finance Blog. He would get up early on a Saturday morning and write blog posts for hours. His goal was to schedule all of his posts for the week.

I traded TV time in the evenings to pursue my passion of blogging. Sure, there are times when we need breaks. In fact, I always take a 24 hour “technology fast” each week. I totally unplug for 24 hours.

Still, you need to ask yourself if you are committed or just interested when it comes to blogging. I have found that some are in love with blogging and others are in love with the idea of blogging. Which are you?

6. They are persistent – Successful bloggers just do not quit. They keep going. To me, this is why connecting with something you are passionate is so important. You need a deep well to draw from before you ever begin to benefit financially from blogging. I have said this over and over again and I still believe it to be true:

We over-estimate the short-term, and we under-estimate the long-term when it comes to blogging.

If you want immediate results, you are in the wrong place. Blogging is an investment. Oh sure, it will pay you back for a long time to come….just not today. What will it take to stop you? Do you really want to succeed? Then it requires taking the right action in a consistent way over a long period of time.

Back when we started Blogging Your Passion, I created a Blogging Success Pyramid. I was looking at it again this week and I still believe it to be true. The bottom tier of the blog is what I often refer to as the Inner Game of Blogging. You have to build a solid foundation before you can really take advantage of the rest of the pyramid.

You can view the pyramid graphic below or download the Blogging Success Pyramid on PDF.