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4 Ways to Select the Right Passion to Pursue as a Blog

select the right passion to start a blog
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How do I discover my passion? For a few of us the answer is pretty obvious, but for others it feels like a mystery. After working with thousands of passion seekers, let me provide you with some clues that might help.

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1. You’ll find your passion in what you already love to learn about.

Our true passions are often hidden in the areas we gravitate toward in every day life. They are often so obvious to use that we just don’t notice them right away. For example:

  • When at the bookstore, which sections do you gravitate toward?
  • When locked into a conversation, what topics do you gravitate toward?
  • When watching videos online, what topics do you most want to learn?

Identifying the topics we naturally move toward are great indicators to our “no end path.” Jonathan Mead uses the term “no end path” to describe the topics you love to learn about that will never grow old to you. Chances are ten years from now, you’ll still have an interest in that topic. That’s your passion.

2. You’ll find your passion in what you already love to do that shows your talents.

Just having passion for a topic is only one part of the equation. You’ll also need to choose a passion that is helpful to others. What is it that you naturally do well? What is it that causes others to stand up and take notice?

If you are not sure, don’t be afraid to ask three to four people who know you best. Ask them to share three words that best describe you. Ask them what they believe makes you unique. Ask them what strengths do they see in you.

3. You’ll find your passion in your deep struggles and what you’ve already been through in life.

Another great area to explore is your past struggles. Chances are if you’ve been through a deep struggle in life, you have some passion behind how you came out of that struggle. You have a story to tell.

You have a unique perspective that others want to hear. You have solutions that others will gladly pay you for.

Many newbie bloggers mistakenly think that they must come from a place of mastery and authority to even be respected. Pro Bloggers understand that they connect better with their audience when their messes become their message.

4. You’ll find passion in the area that you’re willing to live and breathe for the next five years.

A good litmus test as to whether or not you have chosen the right passion to pursue as a blog would be to answer this question: “Am I willing to live and breathe this for the next five years?” Success is possible but often doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ll need to be willing to live and breathe your passion for awhile before you reach your ultimate destination of trust and authority. Never forget that every Pro Blogger you admire today once blogged in entire obscurity. Selecting the right passion and having the right mindset will set you a part from everyone else.

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After you've narrowed in your passion, you need to first start a blog and secondly, develop good blogging habits.

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