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3 Questions That Can Move Your Fans to Followers

If you haven’t noticed yet, the internet is getting awful noisy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a blog. You are just going to have to be strategic about it. If you produce good content, you will have fans. A visitor may share your link on Facebook or even Twitter. They may even decide to join

If you haven’t noticed yet, the internet is getting awful noisy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a blog. You are just going to have to be strategic about it.

If you produce good content, you will have fans. A visitor may share your link on Facebook or even Twitter. They may even decide to join your mailing list.

The big question these days is: “how do I move my fans to followers?” A follower can’t wait to read your latest post. A follower is a lifetime customer. A follower wants to purchase your products & services. A follower trusts you and sees you as an authority.

You can have less traffic than other blogs and be successful if you have followers.

If you want to move your audience from fans to followers, then here are 3 essential questions to ask:

1. How can I add a more personal touch?

Fans become followers when they feel like they can connect with you. Do you tell personal stories? Do you look for ways to share your struggles, failures and successes? Early on in my blogging career I shared a personal story on my blog that connected with a lot of people. It was called: Hey Recession – This Too Shall Pass.

While written over 3 years ago, it still makes an impact when someone reads it. The question I have for you is simple: Are you hiding behind your blog? It is easy to do, but what we need to remember is blogging is all about connecting with people.

Fans become followers when they feel like they have access to you. I know that may scare some of you, but it is not as time consuming as you might think. When I first started Blogging Your Passion, I offered free 30 minute blog consultations for a whole month. Some people thought I was crazy. I believe I talked with 50+ bloggers one-on-one. I wanted to show people they have access to me.

Here is another recent example. If you have a mailing list, do you ever see this:

new subscriber mailing list

I use to ignore these, but not any more. These are real people. These are real opportunities. Sometimes blogging and internet marketing can become so routine for us that we let opportunity to slip past us.

Here is what I have been doing lately. I send a personal email to each one letting them know they can reply to me if they want. Not all do, but at least they know they can.

Before you think I have gone insane, I do have a standard email I send to them. You can use PhraseExpress for Windows of Text Expander for the Mac. Just use a shortcode and your text shows up. For example, I use: ‘mcpa’ and it replaces it with:

This is Jonathan from CPACareerCoach.com (Yes, it is a real email from me). I like to say hello and give a personal touch to everyone who signs up for the job search challenge.
Let me know if I can help you in any way. I enjoy helping people either land a new job or find a better career fit.
Just reply to the email if I can answer a question or be a help to you in any way.

This took me just a few seconds and yet the personal connection goes so far. It is not unusual to receive a quick reply like this one:

Hi Jonathan,
How are you? I recently relocated to southern California from NYC
I understand networking is the best way to find jobs but since I’m new I barely know people. I have been sending resumes every day to multiple places but no response – this is really disheartening
Any advice as to how I can start procuring job interviews? Please advise
Thank you

Now, we have started a relationship to which I can speak into her life and possibly gain a follower. Sure, it takes some work, but the point I am trying to make is that your email list is made up of real people with real challenges. Reach out to them.

2. How can I create more value?

This is a great question to ask yourself on a regular basis. The more value you create the more followers you will usually gain. You can do this two ways:

Improve old content and make it better – believe it or not your old articles may not be collecting dust. Some of my top posts every month are articles I wrote a few years ago. One thing you can do is go back to those posts and improve them in some way. I wrote an entire post on how I do this ( A Checklist for Improving Old Content on Your Blog).

Write epic content when possible – not everything has to be a 1,000+ word post. However, you should always ask yourself how you can make your post more valuable. Can you add a video to the page? Can you record a podcast about the topic? Can you add pictures to help further explain what you are talking about?

3. Am I holding anything back?

We believe that you should give out your best stuff. Many bloggers hold back because they want their readers to “buy their best stuff” in the form of a product. What they don’t realize is that people are more likely to buy if you show your best stuff. Here are 3 examples from Bob and I this past year:

The Getting Started Course – 20 Lessons on Personal Finances

The Get Productive Challenge – 30 Day Free Course

Get a Better Job Challenge – 30 Day Job Search Course

We share these examples so that you can see that we practice what we preach! The point is not that you have to create an entire 30 day course and give it away for free. The point is that you shouldn’t hold anything back. You can still create courses, products and webinars and provide value at the same time.

Which question above challenges you the most? Please comment below.